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Dupree Apartments
Established in 1805, Spanish Town is Baton Rouge's oldest neighborhood and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Original construction on the pair of Spanish Town Road apartment buildings, "Dupree Apartments" which lie at the heart of the historic Spanish Town neighborhood, was completed in March of 1924. These buildings were built for Thomas Byrd Dupree (1896-1980). For their time, the Dupree Apartments were noted to be "most attractive and up-to-date apartment houses" (from the forthcoming, "A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Spanish Town, Baton Rouge's Oldest Neighborhood" by John Sykes). Their design is a great interpretation of the simple Mission style architecture. These buildings fit quite comfortably in scale and detail to the surrounding neighborhood. Their architectural detailing is particularly compatible with the other single and multi-family buildings in the neighborhood. Their simple mission style architecture flows well with the other Cottage and Carpenter style building architecture throughout the neighborhood. Each building was initially designed as a two-story duplex. Over the years the interior of the buildings have been re-configured to allow for multiple units on each floor. However, the exterior skin and facades of both buildings have had minimal changes over the life of the buildings.

The pair of buildings remained in commerce until a fire totally destroyed one of the two buildings in 2009. In 2014 and effort was undertaken to totally renovate the remaining 4-plex (601) and replace the fire damaged building with a new duplex building (603). Great care was taken to retain and respect the original Mission style architectural character of the original buildings both on the exterior as well as the interior.

This project received the 2016 Good Growth Award.