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Audubon Hotel Renovation
Coleman Partners Architects, LLC was commissioned to provide Architectural and Interior Design services to renovate this small historic hotel located on iconic St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. The hotel consists of 25 rooms with its interior design targeted to the Millennial Generation. Minimalistic, natural, and durable materials were used in both the guestrooms and Lobby / Bar located on the ground floor. The building features a wonderful glass enclosed front room on both the second and third floors that will be in high demand during the Mardi Gras parade season. Coleman Partners also handled all of the Architectural submittals to qualify the renovations for both the Federal and State Historic Tax Credits.
This hotel was established in 1940 as a hotel for the boatmen that traveled up and down the Mississippi River establishing it as a central landmark of the city. Originally, the first floor of the hotel was a dancehall and club with rooms above for lodging.
Left abandoned for years, this project encompassed reviving and updating the vacant hotel to be an inviting and lively place to serve a variety of individuals like the original hotel. Careful research and consideration to preserving the historic nature and beautiful fa├žade of the building help to reestablish it as a masterful piece of state history. New modern embellishments serve to enliven the space and provide extra detail throughout the entire space.
Bright pops of color and unique light fixtures create interest as individuals move through the space and accent the original beauty of the historical space.
New signage throughout the space not only helps guest navigate the space, but also mimics the unique art scattered throughout the city- reestablishing this hotel as a historical landmark of the city.
As a low key hospitality building, this building offered challenges in keeping low cost while maximizing interest in unique features throughout the space for added luxury.