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/ Renovations to Jefferson Baptist Church

Baton Rouge, LA

Renovations to Jefferson Baptist Church

Project Details


Jefferson Baptist Church,


Completion Date:

January 2018

Project Overview

In Jefferson Baptist we researched modern worship spaces and how they differ from older traditional worship spaces, with aesthetics and technology. The interiors of this mainstream southern denomination had not been changed since the mid-80s, including carpet.

The challenge for our designers was to update the sanctuary tailored to a more contemporary congregation without alienating the more traditional membership. Taking queues from textures, styles, and details of current social spaces, the finishes, materials, and coloration bridge the gap between decades of tradition and new trends in worship, music, and fellowship.

The design solution within the existing volume included careful manipulation of lighting, seating arrangement and style, sightlines, platform design, as well as technology to achieve the desired environment.

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